Socio-Cultrual Anthropology (ANTH-1020) was the worst class I’ve ever taken. Between the fucked up quizzes, the prof reading off a script every class, and the bullshit she pulled with changing the final exam for today, I have 0 fucks to give that I’m going to fail the course. Fuck that class, fuck the prof. If I’m going to fail a class for the first time in my life, I don’t even care if it’s this one. 

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It’s finally caught up to me, the remaining 13 days of the semester have cast something over me. Unfortunately I cannot help but think I’m not ready for this year to end. I think I have accepted the idea that I would be okay slaving away in the library as long as I have them all still here. When they move back my 3rd year at University won’t be the same. Every year my local friends go back home and it’s nice when they come back, we drink, we’re happy to see each other again but this is because they’re in the same city, province, country, goddamn even some in the same continent. My friends from EU however, are different.

We’re separated by what I use to think was so trivial but it is something I have realized is what has been holding me back from being who I want to be. I wish I could relinquish all responsibility so I could go live with them, I would give anything if I could see them again, all of them. 

It hit me last night while I was sitting the possibility that I’ll never see them again. WE cannot even correlate a proper time so we can all meet on the internet. It’s so hard to imagine that I’ve given these friendships everything i could and they are great and still so strong but they’re about to be tested. 

I love you all and I won’t ever forget any of you.

M,C. A,H. A,M. E,T. E,L. K,P. A,H. P,C. C,S. K,S. T,W. J,D. 

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it’s about to get super emotional up in this shit. fucking friends moving back to the UK those assholes came over and made me love them. 

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holy moly guacamole look who isn’t studying

holy moly guacamole look who isn’t studying

#bedhair #dontcare #selfie

#bedhair #dontcare #selfie

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Today, I was reminded I have go back to my year-long class, tomorrow. fuck.

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Sometimes there are no clever quotes, no perfectly-written sayings to sum up events; sometimes, the day just ends. I’ll miss you Sara Guthrie, you were the first friend I made when I started working at the retirement home and our humour just clicked. Your move means a whole lot to you and I understand that. I am so happy you’ve made this decision. 

But know that I will buy a return flight out there one day or maybe just a one way. 

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In the past month

I have lost about 5% on my Average.

Been dumped.

Failed a class.

Figured out I owe quite a bit of money to the bank.

I need to borrow more money from the bank. 

But I’ve also had one of the most amazing christmas breaks.

Met some pretty cool people.

Hung out with some awesome people whom I already know.

Lost about 100lbs (refer to the second sentence). 

Learnt a new sport.

Made Some Good Money.

Spent some time with dog.

and enjoyed quite a bit of liquor. 

All in all:



Every time…


Every time…

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